About Us

Who We Are: Our founder, Cengiz Keleş, who stepped into the optical industry in 1997, has been continuously improving his professional knowledge and expertise since the beginning, with the innovative perspective and passion he brings to the sector. Keleş, who started his career in the field of optics with a broad vision, aimed to maximize service and product quality and made customer satisfaction his focus. It has achieved a leading position by bringing a new breath to the sector with the technical and theoretical knowledge it has added to our profession.

About Our Products: By bringing together a qualified team and modern technology, our carefully designed products, especially for babies and children, are among the most equipped and innovative products in the industry. Our products, which have gained great appreciation and trust from ophthalmologists and opticians, stand out with their aesthetic designs, durability and ease of use. We constantly continue our research and development studies in line with our mission of providing quality and reliable products to our customers.

Commitment to the Future: While we look back to the past with the initial excitement and love, we become stronger with our commitments to the future. In the future, we aim to offer more value to our customers by closely following the developments in the sector, expanding our product portfolio and increasing our service quality. With our vision of being a pioneer in the sector with innovative solutions, we will continue to work determinedly to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

We would like to state that we will be happy to have you with us on this exciting journey. Because with our mission of offering the best for you, we are growing and developing every day.

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